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Taiheiyo Materials Corporation Our business
It is no exaggeration to say that "there are Taiheiyo Material’s product on every construction site", and our products are used in many buildings and civil engineering structures.
From here, we would like to introduce the seven businesses of Taiheiyo Materials, which continue to support architectural civil engineering in Japan and around the world.
01Functional Material Business
Taiheiyo Materials Corporation Our business 2
We deliver high-performance premixed mortar products that meet diversifying and sophisticated on-site needs.
"Cement / concrete" used in a wide range of sites, including construction and civil engineering work, repair and reinforcement work. In the functional materials business, we provide a variety of special premixed mortar products that meet the diversifying and sophisticated needs of the field in recent years, and respond with expert support with excellent knowledge and experience.
Applicable product
Bridge construction
Taiheiyo Materials Corporation: Bridge construction
Applicable product example
Non-shrink mortar "PRE U-LOX"
Seismic retrofitting
Taiheiyo Materials Corporation: Seismic retrofitting
Applicable product example
Non-shrink mortar "PRE U-LOX M"
Seismic retrofitting of piers
Taiheiyo Materials Corporation: Seismic retrofitting of piers
Applicable product example
Non-shrink mortar "PRE U-LOX LC-MIX"
Exterior wall tile work
Taiheiyo Materials Corporation: Exterior wall tile work
Applicable product example
Repair for concrete skeleton
Taiheiyo Materials Corporation: Repair for concrete skeleton
Applicable product example
RC bridge deck repair
Taiheiyo Materials Corporation: RC bridge deck repair
Applicable product example
Ultra-fast hard polymer cement mortar
02Admixture Business
Taiheiyo Materials Corporation: Admixture Business
Our special admixture products support the high durability and high functionality of concrete.
An "admixture" that creates various added values in concrete by mixing it with concrete. In the admixture business, we have many achievements such as expansion materials and shrinkage reducing agents that reduce cracks in concrete, curing agents, and fast-curing admixtures that develop high compressive strength in a short time, such as civil engineering and construction sites. We have received tremendous trust from many customers.
Suppression of volume change
(Dry shrinkage, self-shrinkage, temperature stress)
Taiheiyo Materials Corporation: Suppression of volume change
Applicable product example
Expansion material for concrete
Suppressing harmful cracks / reducing crack width Suppressing harmful cracks / reducing crack width
Reinforcement of stress-concentrated areas
Taiheiyo Materials Corporation: reducing crack
Applicable product example
Alkaline resistant fiberglass net
Accelerator for compression strength of
24N / ㎟ or more at age 6-12 hours
Taiheiyo Materials Corporation: Fast-hardening admixture Facet
Applicable product example
Fast-hardening admixture
Suppression of rapid water dissipation

Taiheiyo Materials Corporation: Suppression of rapid water dissipation
Applicable product example
Coating type shrinkage high performance reducing agent "CRACKSAVER"
Durability improving curing agent "CUREBRID"
Finishing aid / initial coating film curing agent "CUREKEEPER"
03Civil Engineering Materials Business
Taiheiyo Materials Corporation: Civil Engineering Materials Business
We realize safe, reliable, and highly efficient sites with highly specialized product groups that are rich in originality.
In the civil engineering materials business, we sell materials and products related to ground and concrete in civil engineering work. We support various civil engineering sites from the basics with our special product technology, such as accelerator for sprayed concrete in tunnel construction, static crushing agents that realize safe and reliable crushing work that is environmentally friendly, and ultrafine cement.
Sprayed concrete
Taiheiyo Materials Corporation: Sprayed concrete
Applicable product example
Rapid binder for sprayed concrete
Demolition agent for rock / concrete
Taiheiyo Materials Corporation: Demolition agent for rock / concrete
Applicable product example
Non-explosive agent "BRISTAR" (left)
Pile head remover "QUICUTTER" (right)
Product group that supports civil engineering work
Grouting into ground / water stop injection
Taiheiyo Materials Corporation: Grouting into ground / water stop injection
Applicable product example
Ultrafine cement "ALOFIX MC"
Building / landscaping / civil engineering
Taiheiyo Materials Corporation: Building / landscaping / civil engineering
Applicable product example
04Rock Wool Business
Taiheiyo Materials Corporation: Rock Wool Business
We offer friendly to environmental and high-quality rock wool products to customers in a wide range of fields.
"Rockwool" is an artificial mineral fiber that is friendly to environmental and has excellent non-flammability, fire resistance, and heat insulation. In the rock wool business, we focused on the possibilities of rock wool, which is mainly used as a fireproof coating material for steel frames and as a heat insulating material for walls and ceilings, and utilized its various characteristics such as for product raw materials and for agriculture. With a wide range of product proposals, we meet the needs of customers in many fields, not limited to the construction industry.
As a construction material
Taiheiyo Materials Corporation: Rock Wool Business
Fireproof coating work
Taiheiyo Materials Corporation: Fireproof coating work
Insulation work
Taiheiyo Materials Corporation: Insulation work
05Special Trading Business
Taiheiyo Materials Corporation: Special Trading Business
We procure and sell fuels, equipment and products that our customers demand by making full use of our wide network not only domestic also oversea.
We are dealing with not only materials and equipment and fuels used in cement plant, batching plant, mines, ships, ready-mixed concrete-related and concrete product-related products, but also dry building materials used in the construction field, etc. Since our main products are purchased products and OEM products, we can offer flexible product proposals, procurement and sales that meet the needs of our customers.
Fuels and industrial fats and oils mainly used in cement transport vessels and truck, equipment on cement plant
●Heavy oil, light oil, kerosene, lubricating oil
Taiheiyo Materials Corporation: cement transport vessels
Equipment mainly used in cement plant, batching plant.
●Belts, wear-resistant materials, motors, dust collectors, heavy machinery, electric wires, transport aircraft, etc.
Taiheiyo Materials Corporation: Equipment
Concrete related products
●Concrete product lifting system "DEHA SYSTEM"
●Handy typed Salinometer for ready-mixed concrete
Taiheiyo Materials Corporation: cement transport vessels
Dry building materia
●Inorganic artificial wood "ACELITE"
Dry building materia
06International Business
Taiheiyo Materials Corporation: International Business
We are developing the market by introducing the products of Taiheiyo Material brand to the world.
We are developing overseas business mainly to export our own products and conducting activities as a trading company. Armed with the brand power of Taiheiyo Cement Group, a top cement manufacturer in the Pacific Rim area, and Japanese quality, we are expanding our business in markets such as Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia. While assessing the market needs of each country, we are further disseminating the Taiheiyo Material brand to the world.

 *Taiheiyo is Japanese word which means Pacific ocean.
We are exporting and selling own products such as expansive additive "EXPAN-K", Non-explosive agent "BRISTAR", non-shrink mortar "PRE U-LOX", to Europe, America, Middle East, Australia and Asian countries.
In addition to importing and exporting with overseas affiliated companies of the Taiheiyo Cement Group, we are promoting activities as a trading company that connects domestic and overseas suppliers and customers.
Local manufacturing by granting patent usage right and technical supports Non-shrink mortar in Philippines and Thailand
07Gardening Plants Business
Taiheiyo Materials Corporation: Gardening Plants Business
We provide a stable supply of ground cover plants used in landscaping work to our customers throughout the year.
In the green flower business, we sell ground cover plants (ground cover plants) that are planted for greening parks and roads, exterior planting of buildings, rooftop greening, and wall greening. We always have more than 300 types of moss phlox, filia blanc, hedera, etc., and we have a wide selection of products to meet the diverse needs of our customers.
Planting with ground cover plants
Exterior planting
Taiheiyo Materials Corporation: Exterior planting

Rooftop greening
Taiheiyo Materials Corporation: Rooftop greening

Wall greening
Taiheiyo Materials Corporation: Wall greening