April 1, 2005
Taiheiyo Materials Corporation
Taiheiyo Materials Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Taiheiyo) regards it important to protect the personal information of its customers as a social responsibility and strictly protect and manage the personal information of customers (hereinafter referred to as Personal Information) in accordance with the following privacy policy.
1. Personal Information
"Personal Information" refers to information that enables customers to be identified. Such information includes name, company’s name, address, telephone number, facsimile number, e-mail address, etc, which Taiheiyo obtains through its website.
2. Use of Personal Information
Taiheiyo never uses Personal Information of customers for any other purposes than responding to their inquiries through Taiheiyo’s website.
3. Management of Personal Information
Personal Information will be safely stored in the server, which is protected with firewall. We make efforts to protect the information against the unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification or leak.
4. Request for Disclosure, Revision or Erasure
hen customers request that their Personal Information be disclosed, we carry out their requests after the identification according to our procedure. In case the information we possess is proved untrue, we immediately revise the information. If customers request to erase their Personal Information once we obtained, we respond quickly to their requests.
5. Disclosure to third parties
Taiheiyo will not provide Personal Information to third parties, but in the event of any of the followings, it is not limited.
(1) Advance approval of customers
(2) Requirement of disclosure in accordance with laws, ordinance, etc.
*In case Customers request us to send a brochure, etc., we may provide the customer’s name, address, and telephone number to delivery companies.
6. If you have any questions concerning Private Policy, please contact us to the following;
Tel: +81-3-5832-5226
The Policy stated herein will be reviewed from time to time, and revisions will be made as appropriate, which will be announced on our website.